11 Wedding Planning Tasks to Cross Off During Quarantine

COVID-19 has altered our world in ways we could not have imagined. In light of social distancing measures and shelter-in-place mandates, businesses, including venues, have had to shut down, and many planned events have been canceled or postponed. If you are a bride who was in the midst of wedding planning, we hope the latter is true for you. The only thing that quarantine has given us is time. Lucky for us, time can make for thoughtful wedding planning.

Although there is a lot of uncertainty, a few things remain that are within your control. So with that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of tasks that you can do irrespective of time and from the comfort of your home.

Let’s continue your wedding planning journey!

1. Build Your Wedding Registry

Let’s kick off with the fun stuff: building a registry is likely the most fun a couple will have during the planning process. There’s never been a better time to think through what you’ll need to create the perfect home atmosphere (and given that we’re home all day, we’re sure you have a few ideas). So take stock, and get registering!

Three things to consider when registering: (1) give your guests options by over-registering: pick generously and provide a range of price options to accommodate all guests, (2) register at more than one place: an easy rule of thumb is to pick one large retailer like Amazon or Blueprint Registry, and one more specialized retailer i.e. for decor or art, and lastly, (3) cash is king so don’t shy away from setting up a cash fund for large expenses (like your honeymoon!) Honeyfund is a popular choice for cash registries and entirely free.

If you need some suggestions to get your registry rolling, take a look at The Brown Bride’s Wedding Registry Gift Ideas board on Pinterest:


2. Work with Vendors to Postpone Your Event

If you were further down your wedding planning process, chances are that you’re locked into a few vendor contracts and potentially at risk of losing deposits. However, there’s no need to fret. Every contract should have a force majeure clause that releases contractual obligations in exceptional situations such as, for instance, epidemics like COVID-19. (Note: always ensure that any contract you sign includes a force majeure clause.)

Reach out to your vendors sooner rather than later. Certified wedding planner, Umul Vara of Weddings by Vara shared her experience with us:

We’ve postponed weddings for several of our clients and all vendors have been accommodating and willing to work with us without charging any penalty fees. There have been no vendors who have given us a hard time. However, if you are canceling an event rather than postponement, then it will depend on your contract language and procedures, which will vary case by case. These are unknown times and we’re all trying to figure out the best ways to help our clients.”


3. Give Notice to Guests About Postponement

Whether digitally or via mail, it’s probably a good call to let your guests know about the postponement. Sites like Mixbook and Minted have beautiful designs for you to say it with.


4. Make Your Wedding Music Playlist(s)

South Asian culture is big on music, dancing, and of course, Bollywood. At the very least, you will need to select music for the following: (1) background music, (2) songs for your coordinated dance sequences, (3) entrance songs for bride/groom, family, bridesmaids, etc. and, of course, (4) Dancefloor beats!

You may even need to parse out playlists depending on how many events you are planning on having, i.e. a mehndi, dholki, sangeet, etc. We’ve created a couple of playlists to help get you started. Follow us on Spotify for some music inspiration!

5. Practice and Coordinate your Dance Sequences

Are you thinking of having coordinated dance sequences at your wedding? If not, you should be! Now’s the time to get organized and creative. Get your bridesmaids/groomsmen together on Zoom for some synchronized moves and a fun workout.

Here’s a tutorial to get you started:


6. Research Marriage Licenses

Even the sanctity of marriage couldn’t escape bureaucratic paperwork. Marriage license requirements vary by state, and some states even have a waiting period (Pennsylvania, we’re looking at you) so be sure to know what rules apply to your area ahead of the big day.

In normal circumstances (read: pre-COVID), both applicants were required to apply in person, however, many states have transitioned to online issuances. New York City has kicked off “Project Cupid”, a platform that allows you to obtain your marriage license online.

Take a look at Find Law’s directory on marriage license information by state. If you can’t locate any resources for your state, reach out to your local county office.

7. Organize and Collect Guest Addresses

Organizing guest information is one of the most tedious aspects of wedding planning. It requires individual follow-ups and tracking so slot this in throughout your days to make the load feel lighter.

The best way to stay organized is, of course, through spreadsheets. We’ve created this FREE Wedding Guest List Excel Template to help you keep track of all of your guests for all of your events!

8. Zoom Interview Potential Vendors

Thanks to video calling services like Zoom, you can interview potential vendors from the comfort of your couch . Venues, too, are conducting virtual tours. So grab your partner and schedule some appointments on your calendars!

9. Select a color palette for your bridesmaids

Selecting a color palette either takes a few minutes (if you know it, you know it) or a tremendous amount of time and research. Get started now while you have the time!

If you’re in need of some inspiration, take a look at The Brown Bride’s Desi Bridesmaids board on Pinterest:


10. Pick Your Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are thoughtful gestures from the bride and groom to let their guests know how much they appreciate their attendance on such a special day. Most guests are fans of favors with utility (less waste!) so pick something that that not only reminds them of you but that they could actually use. Are you both travel lovers? How about luggage tags? Big fans of organic gardening? How about herb plant favors?

The ideas are endless but in case you’re stuck, check out The Brown Bride’s South Asian Wedding Favors inspiration board on Pinterest.


11. Follow industry experts on social media for continued wedding inspiration

We’re here to help. Follow us and countless other wedding professionals on Pinterest and Instagram to continue your wedding planning journey!




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