Planning a Mehndi? Here Are 12 Classic Decor Ideas to Add to Your List

A Mehndi is typically a pre-wedding celebration in the Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities, where “mehndi” (ie henna) is applied to the bride’s hands. It also hapens to be one of the most fun events in the pre-wedding celebration line-up. If you need some decor inspiration to get started with mehndi planning, keep reading!

01 – Mehndi Embroidered Umbrella

No event is complete without these beautiful mehndi decoration pieces that adorn your event space. These colorful parasols are the perfect accompaniment to your desi event. Need ideas for how to use them within your event space?

Check out this beautiful example on our Pinterest board.



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02 – Dhol Drum

Our favorite part about the mehndi is the amazing music that gets your wedding guests on the dance floor. A traditional dhol is not only entertaining, but this beautiful piece is also a wonderful decoration accessory to add to your mehndi event.


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03 – Festive Lanterns

The perfect table centerpiece is one that evokes a sense of culture and tradition. Luckily, the Internet has a wide selection of lanterns that can be used at your mehndi tables for guests. We’re partial to these bronze lanterns for their size, and ability to blend into traditional Indian / Desi wedding decor.



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04 – Traditional Diyas

For those of you who celebrate Diwali, India’s Festival of Lights, you’ll be familiar with these beautiful decoration items. But mehndis are the perfect occasion to use diyas as wedding centerpieces, or to light up a pathway leading to your event space. Need ideas on how to do it? Check out this beautiful example.



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05 – Mehndi Night Decorative Cushions

Colorful mehndi throw pillows are all the range, and with good reason. These beautiful cushions are embroidered according to a classic Rajasthani style, creating a feeling of royalty and comfort. Place these on a cute sofa or around the perimeter of your event space – your guests will be ‘gramming the second they enter.



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06 – Indian Henna Glass Votives

If you’re looking for a creative way to use your tealight candles, why not place them in these decorative henna votives perfect for a mehndi night? They also make for excellent gifts for bridesmaids, mother-in-laws or anyone you want to thank for helping you plan the wedding. This product in particular comes highly rated.



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07 – Potli Bags for Mehndi Favors

Potli bags are probably one of our TBB Favorites to feature on our Instagram feed, and with good reason. These simple accessories are the best favors to hang out to guests, young kids, in-laws – you name it, they’re bound to be a crowd-pleaser. Our favorite way to use them is to decorate a table by your entrance with other goody bags and colorful mehndi items.



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08 – Hanging Elephants

These hanging bell elephants are traditionally used as a welcome element in an Indian household. But many brides choose to adorn them for their DIY Mehndi event, or even to make an event space bright and colorful. At under $10, you can’t beat the price for the beautiful setting it’ll create for your mehndi event. While there are a lot to choose from online, we can’t recommend these enough – they’re handmade, and the quality and colors are gorgeous.



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09 – Henna Candy Wrappers for Mehndi & Sangeet

We are seriously crushing on these candy wrappers that are PERFECT for your mehndi night. What’s more, you can even give these away as favors to your family and friends – at $1/piece, these decor items are a no-brainer.



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10 – Hanging Pom Pom Bell Decor

If you’re like us, you may have struggled to figure out how to fill up a giant event space with colorful, cute mehndi decorations. These pom pom string decorations are ideal to string along drapes, windows or doorways to bring out the best of your mehndi event. Check out this beautiful example!



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11 – Mehndi String Lights

Choosing the right string lights at your mehndi outdoor event can take your event from meh to glam. We definitely recommend looking into adding some of these gorgeous string lights for your outdoor mehndi night, or even to drape along curtains and backdrops. This is a TBB Must Have!



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12 – Mehndi Curtain Drapes for Backdrop

Lastly, and probably most importantly, we have our mehndi curtains for the backdrop. Our recommendation checks off all the boxes: flowy, bright, bold and vibrant. For $20, these curtains are unbeatable and its 1000+ positive reviews should tell you that others agree, too!



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What are some decor essentials for your mehndi that you’ve purchased? Feel free to share in the comments!

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