8 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Quarantine

Even before quarantining was the new normal, you may have skipped out on Valentine’s Day and avoided the festivities. But at a time of uncertainty, we believe it’s more important than ever to celebrate your love, whether you’re recently engaged or married for 10 years. 

We surveyed 8 women who shared their Valentine’s Day plans with us. With a little creative thinking and planning, anything is possible this year! Take inspiration from their plans, or review our Brown Bride tips to give you more ideas.


We will be spending Valentine’s Day by renting out a movie theater for the evening. Before covid we would love going to the movies together and being able to go to the movies again will bring back memories to when we first started dating.

Lyn | Dallas, TX

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I’m long distance with my fiancé right now, & I came down with Covid- in the middle of re-planning our wedding for the 3rd time. We haven’t really planned any Valentine’s Day festivities with everything that’s been going on, but we’ll probably end up doing a virtual movie date.

Sreela | New York, NY

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Because it’s been so busy with the kids (and they are priority), we have both decided to make it a point to count the little gestures as big ones. I will definitely be expecting my “surprise flowers” in the morning. Our favorite dessert and a good movie while the kids are already in bed, and we’ll call it a great Valentine’s Day!

Sahar | Dallas, TX

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This how we are planning to spend Valentine’s Day – My boyfriend and I are planning to eat at our favorite ramen restaurant, in order to support local businesses during COVID

Ria | Fairfax, VA

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We’re celebrating our first Valentine’s day as a married couple canoeing on the lake in Austin.

Effie | Dallas, TX

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For Valentine’s this year, we plan on recreating our favorite restaurant dinner at home which includes steak and mashed potatoes. Also, we were thinking of doing a paint and sip night where we bond through painting and enjoy the evening with some wine.

Leeann | Houston, TX

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Inshallah, I’m FaceTiming with my fiancée. I’m going to dress up in one of my favorite date night dresses, light some candles, and hopefully, we can coordinate dinner so that we’ll be eating at the same time and the same thing. 

Mishaal | Houston, TX

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Since quarantine has restricted a lot of typical Valentine’s day plans, my fiancé and I decided to book a remote cabin getaway for Valentine’s weekend. The cabin is equipped with everything from kitchenware, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, TVs in the bedroom and on the outside deck, outdoor grill, outdoor hot tub, pool table, indoor and outdoor showers, etc. It’s the perfect secluded and romantic getaway.

Alishia | Dallas, TX

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Romantic Airbnbs for a Valentine Getaway: