These Desi Wedding Vendors Are Now Selling Their Products Online

COVID-19 has drastically altered not just the desi wedding industry, but significantly impacted almost every aspect of our daily lives. One of the biggest changes has been the pivot to digital to complete tasks that once required venturing out into the real world. It’s safe to say that digital and e-commerce have become the anchors for the quarantine economy (ie quarantinomy, patent pending TBB), including South Asian weddings.

Early data from Content Square suggests that coronavirus has had a significant impact on e-commerce transactions. Industry sectors such as supermarkets (not a surprise), retail tech, home furnishings, cosmetics and fashion have all experienced a surge in transactions.

At The Brown Bride, we’ve seen our own desi wedding community adapt to these times by offering their services and products online. Henna vendors are selling organic paste, while cafes are offering their DIY chai kits in online stores.

To support our desi entrepreneurs, we’re excited to share this (growing) list of wedding vendors now offering their products and services online. If you’re a desi wedding vendor in the US or Canada who would like to be added to this list, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to do so!



Kashmiri Chai by LA Chai Cart

      • $25 for 20 cups with FREE shipping anywhere in the US

    This LA-based chai cart vendor is a hit at weddings, but recently started offering their teas online. Their Kashmiri Chai and Classic Chai DIY Packets include tea leaves, spices, and garnishes. And don’t worry, they also include step by step instructions.

    Psst – these beautiful terracotta tea chai cups would be the perfect accompaniment to any chai kit!

    DIY Chai & Samosa Kits by Kolkata Chai Co

          • Pricing Varies
          • Local NYC Delivery

    Kolkata Chai has a cafe in Manhattan, NY, that has temporarily closed due to COVID-19. They’ve quickly pivoted to offering customers DIY chai kits and their newly launched, samosa snacks! Check out their Instagram page for more information.

    Cookies & Cakes by Jet Lagged Jalebi

          • Pricing Varies
          • Indiana

    Nitasha, of the famed Jet Lagged Jalebi Instagram account, is an accomplished confectionary artist. Her baked goods really are a work of art, from colorful barfis to scrumptious cookies. Follow her account to get updates on when her next order will be available.


    You can also serve up these mouth-watering cookies on this glass-domed serving plate!

    Floral Bouquets by Anandas Flowers

          • $25 and ups
          • Toronto, Canada

    Anandas Flowers is a tropical fruits and flowers specialist who offers brides an endless supply of flower jewelry and bouquets. This Toronto-based company is now offering their services through their Instagram account.

    Henna Cones by Hennaz Art

          • Varied pricing
          • Chicago, Illinois

    This highly rated henna artist is incredibly popular in the desi community for her intricate bridal design packages. But she also sells her own henna paste online, available for anyone willing to flex their creative muscles.

    Gift boxes by Kishmish

          • Varied pricing
          • San Francisco, CA but ships worldwide

    We’ve previously written about this San Francisco brand best known for their hand poured soy candles and paper goods ie the perfect bridesmaid gifts! They’ve recently broadened their offerings to include gift boxes for special occasions like Eid or Mother’s Day. All products are created with our South Asian roots in mind – that’s a win for us!

    • Art Prints by Maha Studios

            • $10-$100, depending on size of print
            • Chicago, Ilinois but ships worldwide

      Maha Studios is a wedding photography and film studio based in Chicago and San Francisco. They’ve very recently started offering their travel prints online for purchase. With dreamy destination photography from places like India, Morocco and New Zealand, it may temporarily satisfy our quarantine wanderlust.



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