• Dhara & Dipan
    Reviewed: Epic Everlasting Events June 23, 2023 at 11:09 am

    I don’t know where to start with this wedding planning team! Epic Everlasting Events has been the best through our whole wedding process. We had no regrets at all with having EEE as our wedding planners. I highly recommend EEE to anyone who is planning on getting married and needs a planner. Sina and the rest of the team have been 100% available whenever and for whatever reason. We never felt stressed or that we were falling behind at any point of our wedding planning. Sina made sure we stuck with the timeline and she definitely did a good job of making sure we got our to do list done on time even if that meant calling, messaging, whatever it may be all hours of the day. This team really went above and beyond what was written in our contract. They do an amazing job to make sure we have plenty of options when looking for vendors, a variety of list is given from different price ranges to different styles. I had so many venue changes with less than a year to go till my given wedding date and it wasn’t just a simple change in the same city, but I’m talking from changing cities to states. Sina helped make this process a lot less stressful than it was. She advises you with what she thinks is the best option and 9 out of 10 times she is right. The organization was very helpful for us because we could exactly see where we were in the process, what is left to do, and budget wise where we were. Sina and Keerthi kept track of everything A to Z, from old contracts to new contracts from past vendors and new vendors, Everything was easily accessible and seen clearly without any confusion. Moving onto the week of the wedding, gujurati weddings are no joke when it comes to small details with rituals and gift exchanges. My family felt very comfortable with Sina because she knew exactly what was going on during each ritual and she knew what was needed for each event. Sina is no joke when it comes to dealing with guest. Gujuratis are hard to deal with especially with over 800 guest wedding, but no doubt she knows how to deal with every situation that came up. During the wedding, Sina Keerthi, and Maya were there at every corner you turn. They were at our service as well as readily available for all vendors. Sina knew how I was as a bride, so without even coming to me if something looked off she fixed it without me even knowing. I had that trust in them, I had told Sina that I trusted her with my life the week of the wedding and I don’t normally say this, but the relationship me and Dipan formed with her I 100% standby what I said. So many people came up to our parents at the end of the wedding to applaud at how well the 7 event wedding was organized as well as time management. EEE was the reason for the success of my big fat indian wedding and now my wedding planners are no more planners for us but lifelong friends. DO NOT SECOND GUESS AND BOOK EPIC!!!

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  • Dhara Shah
    Reviewed: Epic Everlasting Events June 14, 2023 at 9:56 pm

    Our wedding weekend was truly the best weekend of our lives and we definitely have our EPIC wedding planning team to thank for being there for us every step of the way to make it possible. The planning leading up to our big weekend, the wedding itself, and even post wedding wrap-ups could not have been smoother. Choosing Epic Everlasting Events to help us plan our special day was the best decision we made during our entire wedding process. The team was there for us every step of the way – helping us choose the very best vendors, giving us knowledgeable advice as we navigated unfamiliar territory, attending onsite visits/tastings, being available for us around the clock no matter how big or small our questions were, giving us ideas, keeping us on track and organized with the best spreadsheets, and always being a sounding board. The team was not only there for us as a couple, but even our families, our parents (and guests) were the biggest fans of EEE and they gave them so much comfort during a time that’s stressful for so many. We really do believe that EEE went above and beyond to make our vision come to life. Most importantly, during the weekend itself – we didn’t have to worry or stress about anything. We knew we were in good hands and Sina, Maya, and Keerthi took care of everything from coordinating vendors, managing guests, and ensuring we and our families could truly sit back and have the best weekend of our lives! We highly recommend booking Epic Everlasting Events, as we are so so so grateful we did. So much love for them and glad our paths crossed to make an EPIC wedding happen together.

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  • Ami & Viral
    Reviewed: Epic Everlasting Events April 23, 2023 at 10:10 am

    This is hands down the easiest wedding vendor review to write. If you are reading this review and planning on getting married, hire Sina!!! I can’t count the number of times Viral and I said “Thank god for Sina” during the planning process. She was more helpful than we could have ever imagined a planner to be. In fact, I would constantly ask Sina if it was normal for planners to be helping like she was, because she went above and beyond for us! Sina spent hours helping me with decor details as my vision changed continuously throughout the process. We switched out our mid ceremony snack last minute and she was able to find a local coffee cart company to come on site 1 week prior to the wedding—and this was a huge hit with our guests! During the process, Sina would constantly check in with me and ask how I was feeling. I remember telling her I wasn’t stressed every time she asked and that was all thanks to Sina’s hard work. When we arrived to venue, Sina gathered all of our wedding items and organized/labeled everything. She even put together all of our welcome bags with her team! She took all the stress off of our families which was key for both Viral and I. Sina and her team worked tirelessly to make sure every detail was perfect! Sina thought of issues before they became issues and handled each one perfectly, only telling us afterwards! She also has amazing relationships with all of our other vendors which made the weekend flow seamlessly. Trust me, Sina and her team are who you want during the most important weekend of your life! We can’t thank them enough and we are so grateful to have found new friendships through this!

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  • Saara & Anis
    Reviewed: Epic Everlasting Events November 8, 2022 at 10:05 pm

    EPIC is an understatement for the amazing weekend we had thanks to these 3 incredible ladies. Sina, Maya, & Keerthi are truly a dream team. We sincerely appreciated the time Sina took to get to know us and help us create a vision for our big weekend. From day one, Sina helped keep us organized and Maya was just a call or text away with quick responses. Keerthi quickly became a favorite and go-to for our family/friends all weekend. This weekend honestly exceeded all of our expectations and we’re walking away with mementoes to last a lifetime. What started as a wedding planning team blossomed into a true friendship. Thank you to the epic team. We love y’all!

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  • Jaslean Ahuja
    Reviewed: Epic Everlasting Events October 19, 2022 at 5:51 pm

    I don’t even know where to begin! Sina and Maya have become like family to us. From start to finish they made this process seamless!! I never felt stressed because these two work so hard to ensure your wedding weekend is perfect! They are diligent, efficient, fun, and responsible!! We’ve hired epic everlasting for both weddings in our families and we are so glad we did because the weddings went perfectly. I would recommend Sina and her team to ANYBODY who wants to ensure they have an incredible wedding without having to worry about the stress of one 🙂

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  • Krishna Patel
    Reviewed: Epic Everlasting Events August 24, 2022 at 2:30 pm

    Do not look any further!!! The epic team is amazing!! They helped with every aspect of our wedding and went above and beyond!! Sina, Maya, and Keerthi were super easy and enjoyable to work with and by the end they became more like family to us! I had full trust in them to bring my vision to life! The EEE team is an experienced, well connected, and professional team to plan and manage your wedding!!

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  • Lauren Sorensen
    Reviewed: Epic Everlasting Events August 12, 2022 at 1:48 pm

    Hiring Epic Everlasting Events for my wedding was by far the best decision I made. The whole team was professional, accommodating, and ultimately made me feel at ease knowing they understood my vision and could execute on it. They helped keep me organized and on track during the planning process, which was priceless to me as I have a demanding full time job and wedding planning would have been near impossible for me to do alone. I loved that they had both experience in planning western and Indian weddings, as ours was a fusion weekend long event. My family and friends are still raving about how great the team was by keeping us organized and on time! I cannot recommend this team enough. Even my father said this was the best money we spent on the whole wedding, which if you knew him would be the highest praise. They went above and beyond. When the flower petals I ordered for our exit didn’t come it I said to just cancel it. The team got the pedals for me and pulled it off without a hitch in the day.

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  • John
    Reviewed: Epic Everlasting Events June 21, 2022 at 8:54 pm

    I own Sunny Memories Photo Booth and have to say that working with Sina and Keerthi was a real pleasure. The level of production they bring is unmatched. From the DJs and photographers they work with to the prestige and theatrics that are incorporated with everything, I was blown away! On top of that, their level of professionalism is at the top of the spectrum, they are sending out emails to the vendors weeks and days in advance to make sure everyone knows when and where to be. I can not wait to work with them again and recommend them to anyone looking for an exceptional wedding coordinator.

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  • Sagarmeera0326
    Reviewed: Epic Everlasting Events April 12, 2022 at 3:00 pm

    Sina and her team at Epic Everlasting Events helped plan our 4 day wedding and they were nothing short of amazing! I found EEE through wedding blogs and from our very first video interview to the year and a half of planning, the entire team was organized and professional the entire time. These ladies went above and beyond for us and helped us with everything from finding our perfect vendors to ensuring everything went perfectly the day of our wedding. If you’re a type A couple like we were, the EEE portal will be perfect for you! It’s a one stop shop for all our wedding planning needs and Sina has made it super user friendly and easy to read and access through the entire planning process. We trusted these ladies with everything from delivering our payments to offering suggestions on how to make our day better. And by the end of the process we gained lifelong friends and family! I’m fully confident that you will not be disappointed if you put your event in the hands of EEE.

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