Wedding Planner vs Coordinator vs Designer

What exactly is the difference between a wedding planner, wedding designer, and wedding coordinator? We spoke to our community of wedding planners (over 75 on our site!) to find out more.

WEDDING PLANNER: the logistics machine

The wedding planner helps you…plan your wedding, but also handles all the logistics prior to the event. This can be as early as a year out, or even a month or two before the big event.

Responsibilities include:
        ⁃       Recommends vendors
        ⁃       Handles all vendor communications and negotiations
        ⁃       Budget creation and management
        ⁃       Ceremony/reception site visits
        ⁃       Help with guest management, accommodation, etc.

WEDDING COORDINATOR: day of event executor

A wedding coordinator is NOT a wedding planner. A coordinator (sometimes referred to as the “day of coordinator”) oversees and executes what the couple has already planned to relieve the bride and groom from stress on their wedding day. Many venues provide a day of coordinator to help with things like organizing the bridal suite, providing refreshments to the bride and groom, and handling venue logistics.

Responsibilities include:
        ⁃       Managing vendors on day of the wedding (does not handle hiring vendors!)
        ⁃       Managing and orchestrating rehearsal
        ⁃       Creating and following timelines
        ⁃       Managing and orchestrating wedding ceremonies and events

WEDDING DESIGNER: the creative director

A wedding designer helps with the overall aesthetics and designs of the wedding events and provides a creative vision for your big day.

Responsibilities include:
        ⁃       Budget creation and management
        ⁃       Site visits
        ⁃       Managing and executing all decor items during wedding ceremonies and events
        ⁃       Handling, setting up, and tearing down decor items that have been brought in by the designer
        ⁃       Wedding day floor creation
        ⁃       Outsourcing specialty vendors, props, and/or rentals

Have you hired a wedding planner or day of coordinator? Let us know in the comments below!

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