Chai Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream Wedding Vendors

We scooped up the definitive list of Indian-Inspired ice cream vendors for your wedding reception!

If you’re a desi with a sweet tooth, you already know that Indian cuisine is a surefire way to satisfy your cravings (and maybe bring you a step closer to diabetes).

With National Ice Cream Month upon us, we were curious to find ice cream vendors in the US who created special flavors for wedding receptions that celebrated our heritage and culinary traditions.

After some deep Google searches and an extensive Instagram hunt, we scooped up a list of ice cream vendors who have experience catering for Indian events. So say goodbye to boring ‘ole gulab jamun, and say hello to carrot halwa and coconut tahini that’s finger lickin’ good.

Malai Ice Cream

Brooklyn, New York

From their website: “Malai brings a taste of India in every bite and every cone, through its spice forward flavors, and its creamy textures. We are inspired by the traditions, culture, and heritage that India brings, and we show that through our products, hospitality and design.

Their ice cream is all eggless, handcrafted, and churned with very little air, resulting in purer, more robust flavors, as well as the creamiest textures you can find. Malai’s unique desserts have been giving our customers joy since 2015.”

They offer an adorable ice cream cart available for weddings with a variety of pricing and serving options. (NOTE: Malai’s ice cream carts are currently unavailable due to COVID. Instead they are offering “Celebration Kits”, which you can order ahead and pick up on the day of your event!) Their exhaustive ice cream flavors range from coconut tahini with date caramel to pumpkin garam masala crumble.

Dolce and Gelato

Long Island, New York

Gelato Chef Gino Parente from Frosinone, Italy has learned and perfected the tricks of the trade. In 2009, Gino brought his artistic ability to New York and the tri-state area with exquisite flavors. He has adorable tuk tuks that can be rented for wedding events, and has rave reviews from guests. In the past, he’s created South Asian flavors such as cardamom pistachio and mango for events like weddings and sangeets.


Mashti Malone

Los Angeles, California

Mashti Malone has been gracing the LA ice cream scene since the 80s, and has been featured in publications such as VICE, Insider and The Nibble, to name a few. This family-run business from The Middle East easily caters to the Indian palette, with hand-crafted flavors such as saffron rosewater and Alphonso Mango.

What’s the Scoop

Portland, Oregon

What’s the Scoop? is a small batch ice cream shop featuring premium ice creams and sorbets made from scratch. They’re a small, family run shop, so they have the ability to make custom flavors.. There are so many flavors from South Asian foods which make great ice creams!

Negranti Creamery

Paso Robles, California

Negranti Creamery offers Boutique Ice Cream Trucks with lactose intolerant friendly ice cream options! They have prior experience catering South Asian events – just check out this beautiful Hindu-Sikh wedding they were at in San Luis Obispo, California. They can also make custom flavors, such as pistachio + cardamom, thai tea and cinnamon + spice.

Prices start at $1500 for ice cream truck rental.

Aunt LaLi

Bay Area, California

Aunt LaLi is a woman-owned and are celebrating their 15th year in business! They add another layer of joy to Weddings with her ice cream truck, which combines the traditional feel of ice cream trucks from yesteryear with today’s warmth of your favorite local coffee house!

Aunt LaLi caters both pre-packaged ice cream truck treats (Creamsicles, Fudge Bars, Snickers Bars, Sponge Bob!) and also works with a local ice creamery to provide scooped ice cream & sundae bars.

Each Wedding receives a custom quote based on the menu, location & number of guests.

Curry and Scoop

Tempe, Arizona

From their website: “With an array of exotic ingredients, refreshing flavors, magical spices & Indian inspired Ice creams, Curry and Scoop combines best of flavors and preparations from different regions of India.”

If you’re looking for authentic Indian-inspired ice cream flavors, you’ll be delighted by choices such as kesar badam, paan and gulkhand (rose-flavored).

Leopold’s Ice Cream

Savannah, Georgia

Leopold’s award-winning, super premium ice cream is homemade in downtown Savannah, Georgia using the same recipes and techniques created in 1919. With an Instagram-worthy ice cream cart, they know how to please their wedding guests. The team also has prior experience with Indian weddings and are excited to work with more Indian couples on their special day!

King of Pops

Atlanta, Georgia

King of Pops has had the pleasure of catering for Indian weddings in the past. They bring their signature cart + rainbow umbrella setup and serve their locally handcrafted, all-natural Pops. Bonus – they have also previously catered for an Indian wedding!

Although they don’t produce custom flavors, they already have a great selection of pops to satisfy all the different tastes and dietary needs of guests. The couple in this photo are enjoying a Strawberry Lemonade pop (right) and a Thai Iced Tea pop (left). With both vegan and dairy-based flavors to choose from, their distinctive flavors include Blackberry Ginger Lemon, Banana Puddin’, Raspberry Rosewater, Chocolate Sea Salt, and many more!

Icecream Walla

Atlanta, Georgia

From their website: Ice Cream Walla is obsessed with making the most innovative and delicious ice cream flavors in the world. They draw inspiration from India’s storied and rich culinary tradition, making sure to capture nostalgia in each bite.

In order to develop their recipes, they spend many months traveling across India, understanding the ingredients, people, and stories behind each flavor.

They then carefully source the highest quality milk, cream, spices and fruits like pure saffron, and house roasted cardamom seeds.

Everything from the toasted almonds in their Badam Milk to the wonderfully tart jam in their Strawberry Malai are made in-house, completely from scratch.

Add in the finest fresh milk and cream from local dairy farms and you’ve got all the makings for a signature Icecream Walla ice cream.

Cayuga Lake Creamery

Cayuga Lake, New York

Cayuga Lake is a family owned, woman-run, very small business & uses local products and ingredients whenever possible. They offer a beautiful ice cream cart offering over 200 flavors, many of which can be adapted to special requests. In the past, they had a couple with an Egyptian groom ask to create a Hibiscus sorbet which ended up becoming really popular. Another example was a York After Dinner Mint flavor for a couple who had a special connection to York Peppermint candies while they were dating. They also have prior experience catering for an Indian wedding!

Price range is on a catering model~per person, which changes annually. As of the publication of this article, prices are $6 per person, additional $3 for sundae bar with additional
charges for delivery, mileage if necessary, staffing and gratuity.

OddFellows Ice Cream Co

New York City

OddFellows is co-founded by a fellow South Asian, Mohan Kumar, and has has had rave reviews since their opening They’ve enjoyed accolades like “wildly inventive” from the New York Times, “famously oddball” by Vanity Fair, and “texturally perfect and totally delicious” by Wylie Dufresne. If their long lines during peak summer months are any indication, they really are a delicious contender for catering your South Asian wedding.

Custom flavors are available upon request and pricing depends on flavor and volume. Pricing is generally $10 – $15 per person with a minimum of $1,500 (local to NYC, but we can travel for additional cost) near NYC.


Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Lexylicious is a woman-owned company based out of New Jersey, and offer a custom ice cream sandwich truck! They travel all over the state & even the tri-state area. Everything they make is homemade, with multiple cookie flavors and multiple ice cream flavors. Each of your guests can choose one of each and their ice cream sandwiches are made to order! They can make vegan ice creams as well as fruit flavored ice creams which are always a hit with their Indian brides.

Their starting rate is $6.00 per guest plus a travel and service fee.

Kwality Ice Cream

New Jersey and other locations

Kwality Ice Cream is the quintessence of what a super premium ethnic ice cream should be. It is conceived by people that know and understand the necessity of a high caliber gourmet product. Their distinctive flavor profile was specifically engineered by their founder to appeal to Indian palates, which he observed are dulled by the vast consumption of spices. They have over 56 premium flavors such as meetha paan and a rose-infused falooda.

Ice Gola Express

Ewing, New Jersey

Ice Gola Express is a successful, leading and the most branded revolutionary Snow Cones vendor in North America. They serve Shaved Ice, and traditional Ice Gola with International quality flavors. They are unique and cost effective option for an engaging live stations at your wedding.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Tell us below!

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