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13 Bridal Face Masks For Every South Asian Bride!

13 Bridal Face Masks For Every South Asian Bride!

In the age of COVID, safety and health is our first priority. Whether you are planning on having an intimate backyard affair or an event that is in accordance with the regulations of your respective locale, you’ll need to ensure you’ve incorporated safety measures into the celebrations. And this all starts with face masks!

We’ve curated some of the most beautiful face masks for you to consider for your big day. If you ask us, we think this trend will last for years to come (even when they’re no longer needed)! In the mean time, it’s a wise way to simultaneously complement a stunning bridal gown, and protect yourself and those around you. Take a look at our selections below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

1. Harleen Kaur

Ships Worldwide

Harleen Kaur offers beautiful and whimsically designed face masks, combining traditional and contemporary patterns. They are printed on soft fabric sourced internationally, including Italian jacquards and Japanese satin. They are available in all sizes for both men and women, so be sure to grab one for your groom while you’re getting one for yourself!

2. Nad.Rah

Ships Worldwide

This design is just a few of many that we love from Nadratan Rahman’s face mask collection! Nadratan Rahman offers stylish and sustainable masks, inspired by the beauty of South Asian culture. Custom made pieces are also available upon request, and each mask promises safety and a unique look!


3. HoliCHIC by Megha Rao

Ships Worldwide

Known for its vibrant tones, HoliCHIC combines urban functionality with a feminine flair to elevate traditional bridal wear while keeping touch with South Asian colors. We promise these masks will be a hit! Grab one for yourself and your bridesmaids.


4. B Anu Designs

Ships Worldwide

B Anu Designs is one of the most popular South Asian bridal face mask vendors, and rightfully so. Their designs are intricate and frequently customized by brides looking for something to complement their decadent outfits. On top of it all, 15% of all proceeds from your purchase will go to “Edgewood Center,” a non-profit that supports mental health for young families. You’ll support a few good causes when you make this purchase!


5. Pavanee Giroti 

DM Her On Instagram For More Information!

Pavani Giroti makes homemade cloth masks with simplistic yet intricate designs that showcase her beautiful talent, offered in a variety of designs and colors based on vintage art, as well as numerous sizes. DM her on Instagram (@bypavanee) to order.


6. Masks By Amna

DM Her To Get More Information!

Amna is a grad student who has a passion for creating unique face mask styles offered nowhere else, tailored to your interests. Her masks are custom-made, and you can choose the simplicity or vibrancy of the design. DM her on Instagram (@theamnaali) to order or email her. You can also contact her via her website and check out her story!


7. Lunata Beauty 

Ships Worldwide

Lunata Beauty offers beautiful, glossy face masks that are 100% Mulberry silk, hypoallergenic, and breathable. They are featured with a loose filter material which is an aid for extra protection. Can they get any better?!


8. Matheiu Caron

Ships Worldwide

Romantic mask / Feeling Mathieu Caron

This glamorous face mask is made from luxury cotton and polyester for extra protection, decorated with pearls. The elegance and comfort of this mask are unparalleled!


9. Isabella Sanchis 

Ships Worldwide

Isabella Sanchis’ hand-crafted floral masks offer a filter and are lined with satin. They’re also decorated with Swavorski details – perfect for the luxury wedding of your dreams. All proceeds go to the NGO, Doctors Without Borders, to aid COVID relief!


10. Glam Bae Fashion

Ships Worldwide


Modern opulence are the first words that come to mind when describing Glam Bae. The face masks, ranging from monochromatic neutral tones to printed designs and handcrafted, intricate ones, provide long-lasting comfort, helping you look chic while staying safe!


11. Playful Soul

Ships US – Only


Playful Soul has a way of creating simple face masks that provide luxurious protection, and sophisticated details in each and every mask, which include filters and adjustable straps.


12. Bijal Vohra

Ships US – Only

Bijal Vohra’s handmade face masks are perfect for the entire family! They come in designs crafted not only for adults but also kids, promising comfort and sustainability for all of your loved ones. Pass them out at your celebrations for safety and fun photos!


13. Sithara By Sriya

Ships Worldwide

Sithara’s masks promise a celebration of authenticity. Her designs have the intricacy you can only find in carefully handcrafted work and are available large array of designs and colors. We can’t stop staring at these stunningly beautiful creations!


Hope this list was helpful! Know any great bridal mask shops that should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Comments (2)

  • Yashika
    January 22, 2021 at 2:40 pm Reply

    Hi there,
    First of all, lovely article! Captures the spirit of the designer masks fashion our industry is booming with.
    We at B Anu Designs thank you full-heartedly for the feature. We put a lot of zeal into every mask we design and when someone gives us some recognition for that, nothing makes us happier!
    But there is a small issue we would like to point out here and want you to make the required change.
    Our brand name has been misspelled (a common issue we face from time to time). It’s actually “B Anu Designs” and not “Banu Designs” like it’s mentioned.
    It would be great if you could correct it.
    Thank you!

    B Anu Designs

    • thebrownbride
      January 22, 2021 at 2:56 pm Reply

      Thanks for the response, we LOVE your work. The post has been updated with the correct brand name spelling.

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